At the heart of exceptional health care are the compassionate caregivers who dedicate their lives to healing, comforting, and supporting patients every day. Their unwavering commitment deserves recognition, and we invite you to show your gratitude in a way that resonates with you. 

Expressing gratitude is more than a gesture—it's a profound way to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our caregivers. Whether it's through a donation, an award nomination, volunteerism, or a simple thank you note, your appreciation can make a world of difference. 

Take a moment today to show your gratitude. It's a small act with a significant impact. Your recognition will not only uplift their spirits but also motivate them to continue providing the best care possible. 

Your gratitude. Their inspiration. 

Our Lasting Impressions Program provides a meaningful way to honor your caregiver who has made a Lasting Impression to you. Your donation not only acknowledges their hard work but also supports our mission to deliver the highest level of patient care. Each contribution, no matter the size, leaves a lasting impression and ensures we continue to provide excellent health care. 

Do you know a caregiver who has gone above and beyond? Show them how much their dedication means by nominating them for an award. This formal recognition of their exceptional service sends a powerful message about the impact they've made on your life. 

Sometimes, words speak louder than actions. If a caregiver has touched your heart, let them know. Write a letter, share a story, or express your gratitude in your own words. Your heartfelt message will serve as a reminder of why they chose this profession—to make a difference in people's lives.  

Volunteering is an impactful way to show your gratitude to caregivers at Guthrie. By giving your time and service, you're directly contributing to the compassionate care environment that our health care professionals strive to maintain every day.