Vendor Information

At The Guthrie Clinic, we realize that the relationships we forge with our supplier partners are key to our team’s agility, integrity and ability to meet our patients’ needs. We hope the information contained within this website provides you with the information you need as a supplier partner or potential partner with The Guthrie Clinic. 


The Purchasing Department shall provide a centralized service to all companies/departments of The Guthrie Clinic. Our primary function is the procurement of necessary supplies, material and equipment to maintain quality patient care. The Department shall be operated under the supervision of the Purchasing Manager who shall be responsible to the Vice President, Procurement-Supply Chain. 

Purchase orders (PO’s) are the only approved methods Guthrie uses for procuring goods and services. PO numbers must appear on all shipments, packing lists and invoices. Any shipment that does not bear an authorized purchase order number may be returned at the shipper's expense. 

The Guthrie Clinic wants our suppliers to be paid in a timely manner for the excellent work they do in supplying The Guthrie Clinic with the important goods and services we require. A “No PO No Payment” policy allows The Guthrie Clinic closer control over spend before it is committed, ensures the spend is appropriately approved and ensures that only the right suppliers and their products are used. Matching invoices to POs and confirming the receipt of goods and services provides a more robust audit trail and also helps in mitigating the potential risk of fraud. The Guthrie Clinic will strictly enforce this policy and will return invoices (unpaid) to suppliers that do not display a valid Purchase Order Number.

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Code of Conduct

The Guthrie Clinic expects all of its vendors to follow the same Code of Conduct that Guthrie employees follow.

Vendor Registration

The Guthrie Clinic Vendor Credentialing Program is designed to streamline the collection and management of key information regarding regulatory and compliance status, business operation information, as well as provide our valued vendors with information regarding the procurement policies and processes for transacting business with The Guthrie Clinic.
All vendors interested in conducting business with The Guthrie Clinic must participate in a vendor certification process. The Guthrie Clinic is utilizing Green Security, LLC as its credentialing service provider. The company and each company representative will be required to provide contact information and upload documentation as specifically required to become a registered “vendor” or registered “vendor representative”.

If you have questions regarding your Green Security, LLC membership, please contact Green Security, LLC via email or phone.  Call (866) 750-3373 or email  Please remember to always sign in and out when visiting any Guthrie facility.  We appreciate your immediate attention to this critical initiative.  

New Product Introduction / Evaluation

The Guthrie Clinic and its employees constantly strive to maintain proper balance between providing cost-effective patient care and utilizing new, emerging medical technologies in healthcare. All new products and minor equipment will be reviewed before purchase to ensure that:

  • The device is approved by regulatory agencies for its intended use.
  • The device(s) requested do not conflict with existing contracts or agreements.
  • Due diligence is performed to secure the product at the lowest cost while ensuring availability.
  • The appropriate financial tests and coding are employed when applicable.
  • The supplier has not been cited for Medicare or Medicaid fraud and abuse or by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for failure to follow good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Clinical Quality Value Analysis (CQVA) provides a framework and structure for the introduction, evaluation, standardization and utilization of products, new technology, and outsourced support services at The Guthrie Clinic.

All new products must go through the value analysis process for contract and pricing analysis prior to discussion with end users or introduction of the product to The Guthrie Clinic. Products will be considered for evaluation only if analysis shows a reduction in overall cost, improved patient outcomes or optimized utilization. This is a new policy and will be the only method of approving products at our facilities.

If a product is approved for evaluation, the vendor representative will be notified, and an adequate amount of product must be supplied to conduct the evaluation. 

Supplier Evaluation

As a matter of good procurement practice, The Guthrie Clinic periodically evaluates all major suppliers on the basis of actual performance as compared to promised delivery dates, ability to meet rush requirements, quality, and adherence to purchase order prices. Subsequent buying decisions are strongly influenced by this evaluation. The Guthrie Clinic also has an active cost reduction and savings program. Thus, the ability to give and maintain low prices, combined with consistent quality and service, is of great importance in selection of suppliers.

Suppliers will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of on-site representation.
  2. Adherence to organizational policies.
  3. Quality of customer service representatives.
  4. Responsiveness to emergencies.
  5. Product support.
  6. Problem resolution (general).
  7. Order accuracy.
  8. Picking accuracy.
  9. Backorders (numbers and response to).
  10. On-time deliveries.
  11. Delivery quality (packaging, pallet configuration, etc.).
  12. Invoice accuracy.
  13. Invoice discrepancy resolution.
  14. Creativity.
  15. Partnership attitude.
  16. Intangibles.